PM Modi: Corruption Shops, Dynastic Politics, Bailout Of Secured Leaders Will Be Stop

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New Delhi: While voting is going on in the country’s 91 Lok Sabha seats for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi, addressing an election rally in Bhagalpur, Bihar, said that the ‘Mahamalivati‘ gang is afraid that Modi’s rule By returning, their shops of corruption and dynasty politics will be closed. PM Modi said that for 70 years, you saw the rise of red light but did not worry about the poor lighting of the house. Gone. Your janitor removed the red light and lit the white light in the house of the poor. He targeted Lalu Prasad Yadav’s family and said, “You have seen a lot of people who build big-house houses, castle-like bungalows-benami property builders. Apart from them, this watchman has taken care of your stove. When you brought the tan to the pusillan road till your courtyard, you saw a lot, the road to reaching the villages and villages of Bihar


Prime Minister Modi said that the demand for deciding one and a half times the support price for the crops was happening from the years. The task of fulfilling this is done by the NDA government. I have started all the schemes that give protection to the common man of the country because you have given me the responsibility of the guard. The watchman and his companions picked up. Many have created political paths for themselves in the name of farmers, but after many decades, the situation has not improved yet. Your watchman has taken major steps in this direction in the last 5 years you Continually gave me your blessings, your support. Whether it is your interests, your respect, or the border of the country, it is most important While addressing Pakistan in his speech, PM Modi said, remember, what was Pakistan‘s attitude before 2014? Terrorists also used to send to Pakistan and after that, the attacks also threatened them. The Congress-led government would have been entangled only in paperwork. He asked the crowd there, ‘Should India stay like this? Should we have the policy to live in fear? Are the heroes of the country Was it right to bind the hands of the Saputas? We got into the house and hit it. Prime Minister Modi said that the policy of NDA government is clear. Our soldiers will be given free exemption from terrorism and to deal with Naxalism.

While referring to the Special Armed Forces Act, said PM Modi said that on the other hand, it is a great deal, who are saying that our jawans who have special rights, will also remove them. They should reply to the country that they are with brave soldiers or with those who spread panic. He said, “We are saying that Jammu and Kashmir will also lock the bases of terror, those who take money from Pakistan will be jailed. At the same time, Congress and its partners say Those who speak Pakistan’s language will be talked about ending terrorism.

After this, giving a statement to the Opposition leaders said that the Mahamalavatti leaders are spreading fear that if Modi comes again this time, elections will end in the country. The MahaMalavatti leaders are spreading fear that constitutional institutions will end if Modi comes to power again. Maha Milivati ​​is spreading fear that Modi will end the reservation. When Modi comes again, his shops of corruption will be completely closed. Their dynastic politics ladders Will go The defense deals will stop their brokerage. Addressing the people of Bhagalpur, Prime Minister Modi said that the NDA government is making full efforts to strengthen the Bhagalpuri Silk Industry. Here the mega handloom cluster is made, weavers and traders here are going to be very helpful. One big thing you see from Kolkata to Benaras is the river waterway. From this to Bhagalpur and Bihar, for freight transport Found a cheap and competent medium. This work could have happened before, but there was no thinking, there was no consensus. Referring to several schemes, he said that due to the Prime Minister’s energy Ganga plan, the work on the city gas distribution in Bhagalpur is underway. Now the pipes will start getting gas from the pipes in the houses here. Cars will run from CNG instead of petrol and diesel.


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