Nepal: 27 killed and more than 400 injures due heavy storm and rain.

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Kathmandu: In Nepal, rain and storm have wreaked havoc. Due to heavy rains and severe storms, 27 people have died so far. While more than 400 people have been injured. According to ‘Himalayan Times’, the storm came in the evening in the southern district of Baras and nearby Parsas. According to the district police office, casualties in Parsa can increase. According to the news, at least 27 people died and 400 were injured. Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli expressed condolences to the families of the deceased.

On the other side, a Nepali army spokesman said that relief and rescue operations are in progress. He said, “We have placed 2 MI 17 helicopters on standby to deal with any emergency. More than 100 workers are working in hurricane-affected areas. A rescue operation is on.

Source – NDTV


Officials of the Home Ministry said on Monday that in the villages of twelve and Parsa districts on Sunday evening there was a storm and storm. In the 12th district of the 128-km south of the capital, Kathmandu, 26 people lost their lives in the storm while one person was killed in Parsa district. National emergency mission center said that about 400 others were injured.


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