‘Mission Shakti’: Modi sent re-election crusade into outer space.


New Delhi: India has successfully launched an anti-satellite missile while acquiring firepower in space. On Wednesday at around 11 am, scientists completed this extremely complex technical test in just about 3 minutes. Over the last 6 months, 300 scientists were working on this project. Come, know that the essential aspect of this mission of becoming India’s superpower in space.

Key Highlights

  •  The target was going at a speed of 7.8 km per second
  •  In less than 1 second it was to intercept
  •  8 to 10 minutes pass in the Indian subcontinent.
  •  300 scientists and staff were mobilized in the mission
  •  Had been running for 10 years working on technology
  •  DRDO had claimed the technique in 2012
  •  Scientists were in mission mode for 6 months
  •  300 km away shot down satellite

India reached super 4

  •  3 countries had this ability. India fourth country
  •  America did the first test in 1959 – Russia did a test in 1963
  •  In 2007 also China was involved in this club
  •  Chinese tests failed in 2005 and 2006

Source: Rajya Sabha TV

India has proved by taking a very big step that it has the ability to keep its satellites in space, and also demonstrated that if a satellite creates a threat to it then India can kill it. So far, only the US, Russia and China could have done this, and now India has become the fourth country with an anti-satellite weapon. This is exactly the way India has shown a surgical strike in space.

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