Congress Manifesto 2019 : Intent to bring welfare and wealth?

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New Delhi, 02 April. Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday released the manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections -2019 at party headquarters. It has been called ‘we will play’. There have been five major announcements related to justice, planning, employment, farmers, education and health.

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Rahul Gandhi said that when the party comes into the government, he will pay special attention to national and internal security. The Congress has made five big announcements like its election symbol paws. Congress will give a ‘minimum income scheme’ (justice) scheme to the people of the country. The Prime Minister promised to give 15 lakh rupees in the last election. He turned out to be a liar. Congress will pay 72 thousand rupees every year in the pocket of the poor of Hindustan. This is the first guarantee from the party and we will give money to the poorest 20 percent of the country’s poor families.

He said that on employment issues, the Congress in its manifesto that we abandoned in 2020, 22 million of the country by March fill government posts. 10 lakh youth will be given employment through village panchayats. If a young person wants to start a new job, he will be able to work without any permission for three years. The government will help him through banks. Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Scheme (MNREGA), a guarantee of 150 days employment will be given.

Rahul Gandhi said that Congress-ruled states waived the debt of the farmer. Congress has made two major announcements for farmers in its manifesto. The first is that the government will introduce different budgets for the farmers as well as the railways. On the other hand, the criminal case is so far on the farmers who have not been able to make a loan, the government will convert them into a civil suit.

He said, apart from this, the party believes in education and health is very important. Six percent of GDP will be spent on education. The country’s premium institutions will be made available to the youth. The current government plan in health has been helping the industrialists benefit through insurance. Congress will work to strengthen government hospitals so that the poor can get high-quality healthcare facilities. Rahul said that besides this party will pay special attention to national security.┬áSome forces in the country are working to spread hatred. Today, terrorism is leading to the worst deaths in the country. Congress will pay special attention to national and internal security On this occasion, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that Congress wants to take the country forward. She wants to fulfill the aspirations of the people and wants to give them an opportunity to live by self-esteem.

Chairman of the committee attached to the manifesto, P. Chidambaram said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is our anti-party. He is trying to polarize the plot of development and turn it into a very nationalist. Chidambaram said in the manifesto the plot for development for 2019. The party wants to take the attention of the country towards real issues. Employment, Farmer and Women’s Security are the main issues in the manifesto.

He said that the party is dedicated to ‘Wealth and Welfare‘ in the country and our goal is to get it. In the manifesto, subjects like farmers, youth, women, Dalits, minorities, small industries, education, health, unorganized sector, national and internal security, Jammu and Kashmir and the North East have been included. On this occasion, Sonia Gandhi, President of United Progressive Alliance, Rajiv Gowda, Convenor of the manifesto and former Defense Minister AK Antony, party general secretaries, state in charge and state president, who came from all over the country were also present.

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